A mysterious island in the Arctic Ocean, the largest in the world, attracts connoisseurs of pristine nature.
Explore Disko Bay to see the island’s many fjords and birth of icebergs.
Almost the entire island is covered with ice, but there are few aboriginal villages scattered in places, where the ice is retreating. Take on a real adventure, feel like an Arctic explorer trapped in the extreme conditions of the North. Explore Disko Bay to see the island’s many fjords and birth of icebergs, when a huge part of a glacier breaks off and breaks into the sea causing high waves. Visit an Inuit settlement, continuing their centuries-old lifestyle, or explore the remains of Viking settlements in the green south of the island. Feel the power nature — fly over a glacier or kayak through the fjords, see muskox colonies, catch a shark or catfish from a boat, or relax in the hot springs after an adventurous day. Feel the beauty and pristine wilderness.
We are happy to offer you in Greenland
Cruises along the shore and to the icebergs
Highlands hiking
Helicopter flights to glaciers
Super-jeep and snowmobile tours to the glaciers
Glacier walking
Sea and freshwater fishing
Northern light trips